Darigold® 40% Heavy Whipping Cream 64 fl. oz. Carton

A gluten free product Grade a, ultra-pasteurized Thank you for choosing Darigold. Northwest families have trusted the quality behind the Darigold name since 1918. our wholesome products are fresh from local farmer-owned dairies. And we have the hardest working cows you've ever seen! What is ultra-pasteurization? Ultra-pasteurization is a process similar to "regular" pasteurization that simply uses pressure, higher heat, and a shorter period of time. The product is then packaged on special filling machines. The high heat process and clean packaging environment significantly extend the freshness period for milk and other products like heavy whipping cream. No chemicals or preservatives are added to the product as part of the ultra-pasteurization process. This advanced technology extends the shelf life to 60+ days (the shelf life for "regular" pasteurization is 20 days). Your local dairy, farmer-owned Kosher Since 1918 This milk comes from cows not treated with the growth hormone rbst