Tabasco Spicy Mayonnaise

Tabasco® Brand Spicy Mayonnaise. Mc. Ilhenny Co. Avery Island La. Quality since 1927. Blue Plate® real mayonnaise. Made with the favorite mayonnaise of the Gulf south. Tabasco® combines Blue Plate Real Mayonnaise with world-famous Tabasco® pepper sauce to create an exciting new taste - mayonnaise with the zesty flavor of south Louisiana. Use it everywhere you would regularly use mayonnaise - on sandwiches, in salads and in all your favorite recipes. Tabasco® is a registered trademark for sauces and other goods and services; Tabasco®, the Tabasco ® design and label designs are the exclusive property of Mcllhenny Company, Avery Island, Louisiana, USA 70513. To order a free Tabasco® Country Store Catalogue call 1-800-634-9599 or visit us at