FDS Feminine Deodorant Spray, Extra Strength

Stay fresh. Hypo-allergenic. 100% Talc free. Gentler spray. Extra Strength: Extra protection for added assurance. Discover the clean, fresh feeling of soft and gentle FDS sprays. Our natural cornstarch formula is safe and gentle enough for use all over your body. Patented & Effective: FDS Sprays contain a patented, time released ingredient that is moisture activated. That means FDS sprays work with your body to absorb moisture and neutralize odors so you feel shower fresh all day, everyday. Safe and Gentle: Clinically tested, FDS sprays are proven safe and gentle enough for everyday use. Use FDS Sprays on yourself, underwear, pads & panty liners or anywhere you want to feel shower fresh throughout the day. Undergarments; Pantyhose & tights; Lingerie; Linens & pajamas; Workout wear. Now freshen up anytime or anywhere! Trusted. Proven. For over 35 years, women have trusted the gentleness of FDS sprays more than any other feminine deodorant spray to keep them feeling clean, fresh and confident throughout the day, everyday. Now freshen up anytime or anywhere. Made in the U.S.A.