Taco Bell Home Originals Hard & Soft Taco Dinner

Taco Bell® Home Originals® Hard & Soft Taco Dinner. 6 flour tortillas + salsa + 6 hard taco shells + seasoning & Kool-Aid unsweetened soft drink mix. Just add ground beef, toppings and sugar. Included inside! Tropical punch, caffeine free, Kool-Aid. Try all of our delicious dinner kits! Taco Bell® Home Original®, taco dinner, salsa + 12 shells + seasoning, just add cooking beef & toppings! Taco Bell® Home Original®, soft taco dinner, 10 flour tortillas + salsa + seasoning, just add cooking beef & toppings! Kool-Aid® is made in Mexico. Taco Bell® logo and Home Originals® are trademarks owned and licensed by Taco Bell Corp. Kraft Foods. Visit us at: kraftfoods.com. 1-800-695-8226. The carton is 100% recyclable recycling programs for this package may not exist in your area. ©Kraft Foods.