Jolly Rancher® Sour Bites Candy 10 oz. Bag

Make snack time sweet with JOLLY RANCHER Bites Soft Chewy Candy. Delight in these colorful, chewy, and tangy fruit-flavored candies. Stock candy bowls for everyday snacking or parties with this sweet and fruity treat. Plenty of green apple, orange, watermelon, and cherry flavored candies to share in each bag. Made with natural and artificial flavors, JOLLY RANCHER Bites are a fat-free food with only 130 calories per 16-piece serving. Bite-sized, chewy fruity fun Sour flavors include green apple, watermelon, orange, and cherry. Soft and chewy sour candies in your favorite JOLLY RANCHER flavors Naturally and artificially flavored Sweeten things up by trying JOLLY RANCHER Bites Candy in green apple, orange, watermelon and cherry Flavors. Enjoy these delicious bites at home, work, during movie night, or even on ice cream.